Optimum training strategy for retired/senior individuals by AG Fitness

Optimum training strategy for retired senior individuals by AG Fitness
  1. AG Fitness Health
  2. January 14, 2024

Optimum training strategy for retired/senior individuals by AG Fitness

AG Fitness believes in creating an optimum training strategy for people of all age groups. For older adults, moderate exercise is as essential as following regular medicines. So let’s understand how it works and what would be an optimum training strategy for retired or senior individuals.

In this phase of life, one must take it as an opportunity to incorporate healthy habits into daily life. This means you need to balance nutrition and exercise. It is essential to establish an exercise routine where you must incorporate moderate activity of 150 minutes into your week. Ideally, this would include everyday walking and a combination of varied activities like strength training, flexibility and mobility drills. This will improve muscle mass, endurance capacity, stronger bones, better balance and better mobility.

Here are some exercises that are suggested for elderly people:

Yoga:- Yoga is perfect for both physical and mental healing. It helps with stress management, pain relief, flexibility, hypertension, strength, balance, mobility, and hypertension.

Walking:- It’s the simplest but one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and improve mobility, pulmonary fitness, and cardiovascular health. It is also helpful for weight management. Walking also elevates your mood and boosts your energy.

Stretching:- Stretching is helpful in improving flexibility and mobility. It also helps prevent the risk of injury and muscle cramps. Stretching is also helpful for blood circulation. Older adults are advised to practice 10-15 minutes of stretching daily.

Strength training:- Strength training is very essential for elders as it supports the natural decline in muscle mass, which starts around age 40. Resistance bands are suitable for seniors as they can exercise all parts of the body. Strength training can help build muscle and delay the process of muscular deterioration. It can also help with balance, flexibility, and mobility. It is advised to use light weights. Resistance exercises are also helpful for senior citizens.

Pilates: It improves bone density, flexibility, mobility, strength, and coordination. So pilates can also be considered an ideal option for elders.

To conclude, it can be said that a workout and a balanced diet are very essential for everyone. To learn more about healthy lifestyles, keep following AG Fitness blogs.