Are Carbs Fattening? Health Tips by AG Fitness

Are Carbs Fattening Health Tips by AG Fitness
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  2. December 27, 2023

Are Carbs Fattening? Health Tips by AG Fitness

Upon focusing on losing or maintaining the optimum weight, managing the carbs intake is a significant advice that comes along the way. But, should all kinds of carbs be avoided from the diet or only specific ones?

For instance, carbs in foods such as legumes, lentils, fruits, and vegetables have different other nutrients that fuel the body. These carbs do not cause a spike in the blood sugar levels.

Categories of Carbs 

Carbs can be divided into two type : – simple or complex carbs.

Simple Carbs

These can be digested easily, causing the blood sugar to spike. Refined sugar and added sugar contain this carb category. However, sugar that occurs naturally in items such as fruit and milk carry additional nutrients like minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Maintaining the recommended quantity is the best option.

Complex Carbs

This category of carb gets absorbed into the blood at a slower pace, releasing a steady flow of sugar that provides energy. But, one should be careful of the kind of complex carb intake. For instance, unrefined whole grains rich in fiber and other nutrients are better for consumption.

Is Carb Necessary in an Individual’s Diet?

The short answer to the doubt is a resounding “yes”. The right amount and type of carbohydrate can:

  • Provide necessary energy
  • Provide protection against diseases
  • Help in controlling weight

Carb Myths to Discard

It being a tricky choice, it gets hard to make the right pick. The myths to break down include:

Carbs Lead to Weight Gain

Carbs have an effect on the body insulin, by redirecting glucose to the cells. But, the refined carbs that are stripped off the outside grain containing fibers and proteins, cause the glucose levels to rise quickly. Foods like brown rice and legumes raise blood sugar levels slowly, and should be eaten in moderation.

White Foods Contain Carbs

It’s a common thought that foods such as rice, bread, pasta, sugary drinks, etc. are carbohydrates. But, it’s found in other items including sweet potato, peas, oats, quinoa, fruits, and more. So, avoiding “white foods” does not help with weight loss.

Fruits Have High Levels of Carbs

Fruits, if had as per recommended portions, are good for health. Fruits contain fiber, minerals, phytonutrients, and others. Fresh or frozen fruits are better than juices.

So, the bottom line is to not write off carbs completely from one’s diet but to have it in a balanced diet form. The body needs a healthy dose of all essential nutrients to keep the organs well-nourished and functional.